Older Lake Charles Homes Have Charm and Character

Garden District Home in Lake Charles
This House is 80 Years Old

Lake Charles has many beautiful Historical Homes some of which can be found in Margaret Place and the downtown Lake Charles Charpentier District.  There is another residential area in Lake Charles known as the “Garden District” where older homes with character can also be found for sale.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to show a wonderful old Lake Charles home.  My buyer grew up in  on Wilson Street in a home on the Lake Charles Historical Register.  He has a fondness of older homes and  so this is how we arrived at viewing this listing.  This old Lake Charles home has an interesting story…..  80 years old and only 2 owners and the inside of the home is in remarkable condition.

old home keys
Skeleton Keys

Upon my arrival I was able to access the  “modern” electronic lockbox and open the front door with a “regular key”.  However, once inside I found this set of  original skeleton keys that opened the rest of the interior doors !  All the original crystal doorknobs are intact and each door had a key.  Since none of these keys were labeled it was like an adventure to find the right key to each door!  Even the sun porches had a key.

interior home features
Built in Features

You never know what you will find in an older home.  This home is like stepping back in time to your Grandparents or Great-Grandparents home.   For instance, once upon a time home owners had rotary dial phones and they were usually located in the hallway.  It is interesting to see the phone nooks built in to older homes.  Even more interesting are the eclectic light fixtures!

My favorite feature in this turn of the century home is the original  wood medicine cabinet with the mirror (there is one in each bathroom).

While showing this home in the evening, I noticed the neighbors out walking their dogs and joggers running by.  The Lake Charles “garden district” is attractive to home buyers and families  for a lot of reasons–it is like returning to a neighborhood and lifestyle of times gone by.

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    • Generally The Garden District is referred to as homes located between Kirkman and Enterprise from the 7th Street area where St Louis High School is to Pujo Street. Pujo St is where the Historical District begins so, they are somewhat close together as you go North on Kirkman or Enterprise nearing Bank and Pujo streets.

      Hope this information is helpful to you!

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