Take a Journey of Self Discovery and Adventure

Next week on March 1st, Stefan Swanepoel will release his book Surviving Your Serengeti 7 Skills to Master Business and Life. I was able to preview a few chapters of this book and can’t wait to read the book in its entirety.

Imagine if you can, being on and Safari Adventure. Perhaps you have visited an attraction or gone to Disneyworld where you were participated in a jungle ride. We have all heard the phrase life is a jungle. This is true, but our lives are also ones of self discovery and life is not like Disneyworld!

Working in real estate everyday is an adventure for me. My clients take me to new places and I am always getting to view new residential developments. The ups and downs of real estate are like a wild safari ride but its all in how you master your outlook.  I was not surprised to learn I am an an Efficient Cheetah. I have been called a cougar but never a cheetah !!

Some of the Characteristics of a Cheetah is knowing your limits: keep physically healthy and maintain a positive mental attitude. If you remain efficient you will not put a strain on the rest of your life.

“Efficiency is all about “finishing the job” in the shortest possible time with a minimum of wasted energy and resources.”

That is me I like to run fast, stay in shape so I can keep up the pace but I am also efficient! You will find that I am efficient in the process it takes when it comes to home selling/buying .

Surviving Your Seregeti is very interesting approach to going on a journey of self discovery and looking at how you will respond to other animals in the jungle. Learn more about the book and take the quiz to find out what animal you are.

Read the book take the quiz and let me know what animal you are and if you agree with the outcome.  In the meantime, I will see you in the wilds of Southwest Louisiana as I run the roads as fast as my little Cheetah legs will let me go but never losing sight of the contractual timelines!

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