Sellers Need to Complete Home Repairs to Get Top Dollar

It is not uncommon for older homes and cottage homes on piers to require leveling or remodeling.  If you are thinking of selling an older Lake Charles frame house there may be some issues you need to address so you won’t be passed over by buyers.

It is a good idea to have an contractor or inspector check an older home on  piers prior to listing it for sale.  There may be deteriorated wood that needs to be replaced or additional pier support to level the house.  Sometimes sellers should make these home repairs ahead of time and have a termite inspection done.

This was the case with this 50 year old Lake Charles home for sale.    During a termite inspection it was discovered that there were active termites and wood damage.  Part of the house was also re-leveled with new sub-flooring.  New joists and sub-flooring have been completed.  I stopped by today to check on the progress.

The licensed & bonded contractors doing the renovation work are Frank & Frank.  They will provide free estimates for roofing, sheetrock, paint, ceramics, house leveling, carpentry and full remodeling.  If you have a home repair or project give Frank & Frank a call  (337) 244-1082

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