5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home

If you ever tune into TODAY on NBC, you may have heard real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran speak on real estate topics.  Barbara Corcoran is the contributing expert on real estate for TODAY.  Here is a list of 5 tips Barbara shared to Sell Your Home.

  1. Time it right -waiting until after Super Bowl Sunday is a good time to list your home for the Spring market
  2. Price your home wisely- you want to be 10-15% below your competition for a quick sale.
  3. Get a home inspection upfront before you list your home.
  4. Offer financial incentives to attract buyers
  5. Draw attention to your listing online with good pictures and curb appeal

5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home

Home Buyers shopping for homes today like “eye candy”.  You want to make sure your home is appealing and draws the interest of the buyer–giving them something to look at and remember.   If you are investing in upgrades or remodeling the 3 best returns are:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Living Room
  3. Front of the Home

I understand the importance of marketing your home to potential buyers and having your online listing presented attractively through various real estate websites.  If you are thinking of selling your Lake Charles home, contact me today!  Marilyn Boudreaux 337-499-9592

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