Tips for Making a Good Impression

Tips for Making a Good Impression

First impressions are pretty important. Take a tip from the dating world, first impressions matter.  napoleon

Now is a good time of year to work on beautifying your home exteriors.  In the real estate world we call this “curb appeal“.

  • Lawn: Invest in fertilizer, mulch and $30-$40 in flowers.  Trim bushes and pull weeds.  A snappy appearance can edge out the competition of other homes on the market.
  • Exterior:  Paint your front door with a fresh coat of paint, pressure wash the exterior of the home and sidewalks.
  • Research: Take a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to take a look at what type of exterior light fixtures are in style.  Watch HGTV shows like “Curb Appeal” for more tips.
  • Picture perfect: A picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a digital picture of the outside of your house and ask a friend or neighbor for an opinion.

Basically when it comes to creating curb appeal, sellers should tidy as if they were getting ready for a family gathering or event.  If somebody drives by your house and it doesn’t look inviting they are not going to stop.

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