Is Your Moving Box Full or Empty? Tips to Simplify Your Move

Tips to Simplify Your Move:


You found your new home, you’ve signed your contracts and the closing date is near.  Now the not so fun begins – Packing your entire life into boxes for your move to your next home can be an overwhelming process.  The trick is to stay organized, focused and stay on track.  Try to make it a project to weed out the old so you can enjoy the new.

Family Moving

Here are some simple ideas to make the process a little easier on you and your family:

Plan & Prepare:
  • Highlight your move date and work backward from that date.
  • Start packing as soon as you have secured your contracts.
  • Begin by cleaning out and packing up the attic, garage and storage.  These tend to be the most overwhelming and if you get these areas completed first, the rest will go much easier.
  • Keep a section designated for garage sale items.  This is a great  family project that can weed out the items no longer needed and earn a little pocket money for projects at your new home!
  • Donate items to charity
  • Have a floor plan of your new home in mind and store boxes in accordance to rooms.
8 Weeks Before:
  • Start packing your non-essentials – clothing that is out of season; holiday decorations, fine china, silver, etc
  • Interview moving companies.  Working on referral is generally the best way to assess a moving company’s capabilities and reputation.
  • Start using up your pantry inventory and food items that are not very movable – perishables.
  • Start a file of moving essentials – paperwork and records you may need to get your hands on
6 Weeks Before:
  • Notify institutions of your new address – banks, post office, schools, work, magazine subscriptions, insurance agent, credit card companies.
  • Choose your moving company by this time.
4 Weeks Before:
  • Contact utility companies to change your service from your old home to your new home – Gas Company, Electric Company, Telephone Company, Cable Company, Alarm Company
  • Arrange for final water readings
  • Discontinue services for lawn care, pest maintenance, cleaning companies and such
2-3 Weeks Before:
  • Review details with your moving company
  • Arrange for child care or pet care for day of moving
Final Days:
  • Confirm details with moving company
  • Pack an essentials bag with cleaning items, toilet paper, hand soap, a day’s worth of clothing /  toothbrushes & tooth paste, and towels.

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