Lake Charles Real Estate Market:February 2011

Calcasieu Parish, Lake Charles, LA Real Estate showed these figures for February 2011 in comparison to January 2011.  We saw an increase in the price of high end homes and an increase in sold properties from 5-7 average a week.

  • INCREASE of Sold properties compared to the month of January
  • There was a INCREASE in  HIGHER PRICED SOLD HOMES Up from January

Averaging statistics on a weekly basis, the following is a market snapshot of Lake Charles, Louisiana Real Estate for the month of December encompassing North, South, East, West, Southeast and Southwest Lake Charles.

Lake Charles Real Estate

MONTH OF FEBRUARY 2011 (numbers are rounded up)

Average Active Homes Listed = 442

Average Home Sales Per Week = 7

Average Days on Market of Homes SOLD = 93 (DOM)

Average Price of SOLD Homes = $118,053

Average High Price of SOLD Homes $285,125

Average Low Price of SOLD Homes $21,625

Comparing these figures to the month of January market report:

Average Active listings  increased by 10

Average SOLDS increased by 2

Days on Market have increased by 2

Average Sales Price  decreased by $ 31,468

(however Average High Sold increased by $12,775)

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