Enjoying Mardi Gras on the Lake in Lake Charles

Bord du Lac Marina in Lake Charles

Lake Charles has several Mardi Gras events for residents and visitors to enjoy leading up to Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras day.  I spent yesterday attending the Children’s Mardi Gras Parade then headed downtown to  the Lake Charles Bord du Lac Marina to join friends aboard their boat the Fleigship V for the Boat Parade.

When the sun went down so did the temperature, it was chilly but we wrapped up and were ready to throw beads and cups to the spectators awaiting us at the seawall!

Century 21 cups make good throws
Who Caught Some of my Century 21 Cups?

I threw 300 Marilyn Boudreaux Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co.’s cups to the crowds and maybe a few landed in the water!   Our hosts of the Fleigship V came in second place with their festive boat decorations.

Residents and visitors are enjoying the new Lake Charles Boardwalk and Promenade and the Carnival, Food Vendors and Carriage Rides are all available for your Mardi Gras enjoyment!  Mardi Gras will conclude Tuesday, March 8 with The Krewe of Krewes parade.  The parade will start at the Lake Charles Civic Center so go enjoy the day at the Boardwalk and enjoy some shrimp on a stick!

food vendor in Lake Charles
Get Your Shrimp on a Stick Here!


Happy Mardi Gras From the Boudreaux's

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