The Arrival of Spring and Crawfish Boils Go Hand in Hand

Crawfish Season in Lake Charles
Boiled Crawfish

It’s that time again as Spring approaches and we enter  into some of the best weather  in Southwest Louisiana before our long hot summer.   This is also the best time of year to eat crawfish!  Although crawfish are available throughout the year, most residents of Southwest Louisiana enjoy Spring Crawfish Boils. This time of year also coincides with the observance of Lent by and the traditional “fish on Friday” menu   Louisiana Catholics adhere to during Lent.  Because of this, many seafood restaurants stay busy on Ash Wednesday and every Friday throughout the Lenten season.  It is also customary in Southwest Louisiana for families to gather for traditional Good Friday crawfish boils.

Lake Charles has several “boil and go” drive through spots where you can drive through and  pick up your crawfish.  During Lent you can expect long lines!  If  choose to dine out for crawfish, Steamboat Bill’s has been a favorite in Lake Charles for years and you won’t be disappointed there.

If you are going to boil crawfish at home for your friends or family there is an art to doing it right!  You will need to have a butane burner and a large pot to get started.  Hopefully you have help  on hand to assist the cook with the rest of goodies you will need like the lemons, onions, mushrooms, corn and bell pepper to add to your crawfish boil.  Besides the edible ingredients you will also want to have plenty of paper towels and orange soap on hand to wash up after you have peeled those yummy crawfish!

Spring is also a popular time of the year for company crawfish boils.  Mr. Bill’s in Lake Charles will be glad to come cater your crawfish boil!

Boiled crawfish is one of the culinary delights we enjoy here in Southwest Louisiana.  Our kids are raised learning how to peel crawfish and pinch the tails…there is definitely an art to it!

Think about this…When you eat Louisiana crawfish you are also helping our Southwest Louisiana economy by supporting the many seafood fishermen and crawfish farmers of our state. It’s a win-win all the way around!

kids eating crawfish

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