Have You Outgrown Your Lake Charles Home

Need more room in your house
Have you outgrown your current Lake Charles Home?  Thinking of adding space or expanding with a home addition?  If so, do your homework first.  Adding to your home is not as easy as it sounds.  It can create a mess, be expensive and take time to complete.

Research:  Just like any project, home projects begin with planning and research.  You need to make notes and consider the basics of what you want to accomplish.  Keep a list of special features like a fireplace or skylights.  You will be faced with decisions of what you actually want and what you can afford. Don’t let champagne taste overtake your beer budget!

Figure out the costs:  There are no way around the basics like foundation, framework, electrical and heat/cooling and most of this will require meeting building code specs.

Keep in mind the size of your addition.  You don’t want to be the largest house in the neighborhood for resale later on.

Interview contractors and ask to see their work.  Obtain a bid and remember the cheapest will not always be the best.  Check references and experience of the contractors you interview.

Write it all down!  Outline everything and have it on paper.  When you do choose a contractor get everything in writing and agree on your time frame. You will have the opportunity to do some of this remodeling research and meet contractors this weekend March 19-20 at the Lake Charles Home Show.

After considering the time and cost of a remodel you may choose to avoid the mess and expense and just “move up” and invest in a larger Lake Charles home. If so, I can assist you in your Lake Charles home search and listing your current Lake Charles home for sale !

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