All Things Work Together for Good

First time homeowners
Our First House!

Do you remember your first home purchase and the excitement you felt?  Meet Phillip and Sarahann.  They are not just first time home buyers,  Phillip and Sarahann are  like a part of my extended family.  We attended their wedding last summer and now they are taking the next step in life of purchasing their first home!  These young adults really have their heads on straight and know where they are going in life.

Purchasing your first home is an emotional process, and you need the guidance of experienced professionals to hold your hand and walk you through from beginning to end.  After previewing homes you know when you have found the one that is perfect for you.  The next step is making an offer.

Now if you are a first time home buyer you are going to have a lot of questions!  Understanding the contract and negotiating can be overwhelming!    I sell real estate in Southwest Louisiana (Lake Charles)  and Phillip and Sarahann reside in Baton Rouge which is about 100 miles east of my territory. They wanted to purchase a home in Denham Springs, LA.  I could not represent them as their Realtor.  Because they are so special to it was hard to let go  and entrust that Realtor duty to someone who could assist them in Baton Rouge. That is the great thing about being connected with referrals in real estate, I can still help!   However, my husband Craig  Boudreaux was still able to assist Phillip and Sarahann as their loan officer and get their mortgage done because Louisiana Mortgage Associates can do business throughout the State of Louisiana!

Sometimes you just wonder why certain things happen.  Throughout this transaction I kept thinking of this Scripture:

Romans 8: 18 ” And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

What made the transaction so special and rewarding was the way all things worked together for good.  Buying a home and obtaining a mortgage can have its ups and downs.  However if you keep the right perspective and allow the professionals working for you to take control and go to battle for you, the Lord will take care of the rest, it is all in his control.

Just one little neat twist was when my husband needed a Baton Rouge appraiser. ( This was a USDA home loan which allows loan officers  to choose the appraiser and not go through an appraisal management company.)
Craig asked me if I knew a Baton Rouge appraiser and I said yes and hooked him up with my Baton Rouge appraiser friend Bill Cobb, what a blessing!

I got to sit on the sidelines of this transaction and still be in the game watching through the eyes of my husband.  Everyone had a purpose in this transaction and  in the end, All things worked together for the good.    Congratulations Phillip and Sarahann, WE WALKED THROUGH THIS  TOGETHER AND NOW YOU HAVE KEYS IN HAND!


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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    I’m so thrilled for Phillip and Sarahann on their home purchase. The lake view is relaxing as well as the pool. It was so nice to have worked with such professionals in the industry as yourself, Craig, Toni and Wendy. This experience let me know that the American Dream of Homeownership is still alive and well today! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Bill

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