West Trace Golf Community in Westlake, LA

Golf Community in Westlake LA
West Trace Master Planned Golf Community

Located around the National Golf Club of Louisiana you will find the new 600 acre master planned community of West Trace in Westlake, LA


Lots for sale in the West Trace golf community along Bobby Jones and Augusta range in price from $29,000-$49,500 depending on the location and golf course frontage.

If you are a golf enthusiast you will love the close vicinity of your National Golf Club of Louisiana membership!

Thinking of building  a new home in Westlake, LA or looking for a golf community in Southwest Louisiana?  Contact me today to discuss your options!

20 Responses to West Trace Golf Community in Westlake, LA

  1. My daughter lives in Moss Bluff. We live in Michigan and are thinking of looking for a place to retire in the coming years. We are 52 now. In a perfect world I would want to be near a golf course or water like everyone else. I am still paying on our home here but want start paying on one down there so I can not afford a 200,000 plus price tag.

    I am hoping to buy it and rent it out to other retires until we are able to use it more often.

    If you can help I would appreciate it.



  2. Marilyn is there any way that you could send me the specifics for what a house must consist of when built in the West Trace Golf Community? We are looking at buying a lot toward the end of this year and were wanting to make sure the plans we have picked out will work before we are dead set on them. Also if you have a map showing the lot numbers and size that would help too.

    Thanks for the help,
    Brandon Miller

  3. Marilyn, My husband and I are interested in finding the perfect lot. We built in Westlake about 11 yrs. ago and are thinking it’s time again. We have no children left at home, but not yet ready for retirement, and we would like to downsize. We don’t necessarily want to be right on the golf course, a connected street will do. If we could get some lot numbers, sizes, restrictions and prices, that would be great.
    Thanks for your help,
    Teri Duncan

  4. Can you please send me restrictions, prices, lot sizes and homes for sale information for West Trace Golf Community.

    • I will send you the restrictions via email. I think all the lots have sold they will be openiang a new section soon but prices will increase 6% I will email you what I find, thanks for commenting and visiting my site!

  5. Ms. Boudreaux,

    My wife and I are interested in looking at the lots etc at West Trace. Can you email me the master plan map – i am unable to see it bigger than what is on the page and the restrictions etc. We will be at LDL Sunday and I plan on showing her the area of Graystone and West Trace. I will get in touch with you if we would like to see something during this trip.

    Thank you for your time a forth coming reply.

    Tony Thibodeaux

  6. Marilyn, Can I get a list of available lots and sizes in and around the golf course? Could you also send the restrictions and prices? Thanks!

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