You May Spot a Gnome in Louisiana Landscaping

yard gnomes

Have you ever seen one of those Travelocity commercials with the Gnome?

Mr. Gnome is so famous from his Travelocity commercials that you can now order him online !  A quick  GOOGLE search turned up 1,080,000 results for garden gnome.

gnomes on the internet

Apparently gnomes are making a comeback as yard decorations.  Incorporating a garden statue or a fountain into your Louisiana home landscaping is becoming more popular than ever.

You might wonder why I know so much about gnome statues.  That is because last week I went on a gnome hunt in Lake Charles to locate garden gnomes.   My son’s birthday is today, March 22, and he asked for gnomes to put in his yard, so what’ s a Mom supposed to do?  The same thing I did when my son was younger and asked for Ninja Turtle and He-Man action figures–I went looking in stores until I found what he wanted.   Who would have thought he would ask for gnomes when he is 27 years old!

Happy Birthday Curtis

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