Homes in Louisiana Now Require a Smoke Detector with a 10 Year Lithium Battery!

If you are in the State of Louisiana and selling a residential property you are required to have a smoke detector in the home with a ten year lithium battery.  This new law went into effect January 1, 2011 and is also a question found on the new Louisiana 2011 Property Condition Disclosures that are to be filled out by homeowners when listing a property for sale.

There are no penalties or fines if the Seller fails to comply with this law nor can it stop a real estate closing from taking place if there isn’t a smoke detector with a 10 year lithium battery in the home.  REALTORS SHALL NOT be held liable for the Seller’s failure to comply with the law.

The cost of a 10 year Lithium Battery is between $12-$15.

The new law is  House Bill 372 Louisiana Act 163.


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