Lake Charles Market is Stable and Healthy

The Lake Charles Real Estate market is healthy and stable.  Numbers don’t lie! I hate to hear consumers mention in conversation that the Southwest Louisiana Real Estate market is down and how hard it is to sell a house.  You have to take things into perspective and consideration.  It is important to remember that  the Southwest Louisiana housing market is very different from what one hears about or reads about in the national news.  While we do experience short sales and foreclosures, they are minimal in comparison to what has happened in other markets nationwide.

If your home is priced right and in good condition it will sell.  Buyers are still buying and have their choice of  Lake Charles Homes for Sale inventory with low mortgages rates still available.  True we have what is known as a buyers market due to the high inventory of homes for sale in Southwest Louisiana.   If  listings are sitting on the market over 120 days,  there is usually a reason why the homes are not selling.  However, Lake Charles homes that are not selling cannot be blamed on  the Lake Charles economy or national real estate market.

Comparing Lake Charles real estate statistics from March 2010 and March 2011 proves Lake Charles is still stable and the same amount of homes are selling as compared to the previous year.  We are actually seeing an increase in  higher end homes selling.


Lake Charles real estate 2010
March 2010 Lake Charles Real Estate

March 2010:

Average number of Active Listings = 455

Average Homes Sold Per Week = 14

Average Days on Market = 90

Average Sales Price = $153,615   High Average Sold $309,000


Lake Charles March Real Estate
March 2011 Lake Charles Real Estate

March 2011:

Average number of Active Listings =459

Average  Homes Sold per week =13

Average Days on Market =100

Average Sale Price = $154,626  High Average Sold = $408,300

As you will see from the number breakdowns March 2010-March 2011 shows steady Lake Charles real estate numbers with averages very close to the year before.

*Numbers used in this market report are for all areas of Lake Charles including zip codes 70601,70605, 70607

According to the Southwest Louisiana MLS a total of 245 homes were sold in Calcasieu Parish the first quarter of 2010, 16 of which were new construction.  In comparison, 256 homes have sold in the first quarter of 2011, 16 of which are new construction. 

The Lake Charles Market is stable and continues to thrive. Homes for Sale in Lake Charles are selling!




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