Have you heard of Carpenter Bees?

Termites are NOT the only pests in Louisiana, there are also  pesky Carpenter Bees!
Carpenter Bees look like bumble bees but unlike bumble bees pollinating the flowers, carpenter bees drill holes in wood! They can bore up to 1/2″ holes and I know this because I discovered these pesky bees flying around the large cypress beam I have on my front porch. You can see a couple of the holes in this photo of my front porch cypress wood beam.

Lake Charles Home with Carpenter Bees

I have seen carpenter bees when viewing other  Southwest Louisiana homes for sale which are usually rural properties but never seen bees at my house. I think I caught them early and called the exterminator right away. Today when I got home I found about a dozen dead bees on the porch!

dead carpenter bee
This is a dead carpenter bee

Carpenter bees bore the holes in wood to make nests and lay eggs.


You may see the bees swarming but they won’t sting. Carpenter bees are commonly mistaken for bumble bees. There are two differences. 1) Carpenter bees are generally larger. 2) Carpenter bees have an abdomen which is shiny, metallic and black in color. Their abdomen has no body hair. Bumblebees have yellow and black body hair on all body parts.

You must treat the nest with some material which will last a long period of time so it will effectively stop the larva. If you spray liquid residuals in their hole, you may kill the female. The eggs are protected, however, and six to twelve months later the larva will emerge. Since liquids are absorbed by porous wood, the treatment will be gone when the larva finally hatches. This means the larva have a strong chance of survival.

If you see carpenter bees you want to treat them as soon as possible.   Cal-Cam Pest Control performed my carpenter bee extermination for me!

*For more information on carpenter bee control.

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