Paying it Forward Helping Lake Charles Homeowners

Today I spent the morning paying it forward helping a home owner in North Lake Charles.  Who says Realtor’s don’t have skills?


Trinity Baptist sponsers home with rebuilding together
Trinity Baptist Rebuilding Together 2011

April 16th is National Rebuilding Day.  As part of Rebuilding Together Calcasieu, Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles sponsored three homes.  I love being able to contribute to my community and best of all the reward that comes in helping a  needy Lake Charles home owner!

Rebuilding Together completes repairs for the low-income, elderly and disabled at no cost to the the homeowner.  Anyone can be a Rebuilding Together volunteer.  Volunteers come from corporations, places of worship, civic clubs, social clubs,  and schools

Early this morning volunteers and teams gathered to give of their time and skills in order to pay it forward and help a Lake Charles home owner in need.

Ms. Margaret Richard has lived in her home in North Lake Charles for 32 years.  Ms. Richard lives on a fixed income and her house was selected as one of the homes to be rehabed with Rebuilding Together Calcasieu.  This year Trinity Baptist Church sponsored three homes in North Lake Charles.  I was assigned to Ms. Richard’s house and got to put my painting skills to work on the exterior of her home!

Take a look at some of the projects completed at Ms. Richards North Lake Charles home.


  • Pressure washing exterior of home
  • Replacing rotten boards
  • Painting the exterior of the home
  • Replacing the Ceiling tile inside the home
  • Replacing light fixtures inside the home
  • Installing ceiling fans inside the home

As you can see from my interview with Ms. Richard she  shares the various improvements to her property and she was pretty excited to watch the transformation and receive the blessing!

This has been my third year in a row to volunteer with Rebuilding Together along with my husband Craig Boudreaux .  Both Craig and I work with home owners day in and day out in the Lake Charles real estate market  as Realtor and Loan Officer.  Being a part of the process of  individuals become home owners is a rewarding career but it is another thing to actually participate in fixing their home.

To give you and idea of the local impact in 2010:

  • 45 houses and non-profit facilities were rehabilitated
  • 71 people served
  • 426 volunteers donated their time and skill
  • Delivering a market value of $284,069.47

It was a beautiful day in Lake Charles to pay it forward and help another home owner!

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