Will Having an Open House Sell Your Southwest Louisiana Home?

Lake Charles home sellers frequently ask “will having an Open House help sell my home for sale?”

This is my philosophy when advising Lake Charles Home Sellers…..

The National Association of Realtors Profile of Buyers and Sellers shows that only 7% of homes are sold as a result of Open House. 37% of homes sold are via Internet and 35% Homes Sold are via Realtors.

Statistics of Home Sales

My goal when listing a home for sale in Southwest Louisiana is to expose the home to as many buyers as possible so I choose on the greater percentage of exposure which is Internet Marketing.

Home buyers attending Lake Charles Open Houses are usually already working with a Realtor.  As a matter of fact sometimes Realtors refer clients to Open Houses in Southwest Louisiana to go view on their own.

Open Houses have success in  many avenues of home sales.  A Tour of Homes, new construction, Broker Open Houses, subdivision Open Houses.  All of these scenarios have a better chance of selling the home as a direct result of the Open House.

In general, Open Houses benefit the Realtor more than the Seller in that the Realtor is meeting potential clients through hosting Open Houses. If you are a Realtor representing the Seller, the Open House may only benefit you if you are allowed dual representation and you meet a potential Buyer who wants to pursue purchasing the home viewed at Open House.

Keep in mind that Southwest Louisiana real estate is a local market and we cannot compare ourselves to methods in other parts of the region. Open House success in other sections of the country or those viewed on HGTV shows are specific to the local market and/or region.

A proven universal method of selling your Southwest Louisiana home or any home in general, is through exposure on the Internet and growing social media sites.

Will having an Open House Sell Your Southwest Louisiana home? The national percentage is 7% so chances are slim.  What will sell you Southwest Louisiana home is the price and condition of the home along with savvy marketing!




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