Preserve the Mortgage Interest Deduction

mortgage interest

American Homeowners have been able to deduct mortgage interest for years.   You probably just finished filing your 2010 taxes and if you are a homeowner I bet you deducted your mortgage interest.  Well now The Mortgage Interest Deduction is under risk of being cut by our government!

This message is not just for REALTORS  it is also meant to educate consumers that REALTORS represent.  So take a listen at what “Moe” the National Association of Realtors President Elect  has to say about preserving the Mortgage Interest Deduction.  We must let our voices be heard on this!

Consider the consequences if homeowners and buyers lose the Mortgage Interest Deduction. The bottom line is you may well lose personally, and for certain so will your business if it is eliminated or significantly reduced in any way.

I urge you to send a  letter asking your U.S. Representative to cosponsor H.Res25, a bipartisan House resolution that affirms the value and importance of the Mortgage Interest Deduction. We must speak loudly and clearly with one voice to ensure the further recovery of our economy and the housing market and educate every legislator about how much the Mortgage Interest Deduction matters.  Economic recovery is not possible without a vibrant housing market.

Right now is the right time to urge Congress to preserve, protect and defend the mortgage interest deduction (MID) before they whittle down MID at the expense of other more expedient budget cuts.

So please, take action to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Mortgage Interest Deduction.


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