I Follow my own advice I share with Lake Charles Sellers

I follow the same advice I share with Lake Charles Home Sellers.  My Lake Charles home is not for sale! However, if you had passed by  my house this weekend you might think so considering we  completed several outdoor home projects that enhanced our Lake Charles home.

For most residents in Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish, Good Friday was a holiday with many businesses closed giving Lake Charles residents a 4-day  Easter weekend to enjoy.    The Lake Charles weather has been beautiful and this weekend  was no exception.  Residents across Lake Charles took advantage of the long weekend to complete home projects and this was evident by my trip to the local Lowes store to pick up supplies!

Last Fall, we pressure washed the exterior of our Lake Charles home. The cypress beams and post on our porch had become discolored.  Although the pressure washing removed the black mildew, it also faded the post.  So now that it is Spring we turned our attention once again to the exterior of our home, selecting a solid stain paint to solve the problem.  Take a look at the difference the paint made in my own Lake Charles home.

Painting the Exterior of your Lake Charles home


Earlier this month I discovered we had carpenter bees so we appropriately waited until those had been exterminated to begin our painting project.  We also recently upgraded the landscaping of our Lake Charles home.   I frequently suggest similar small home projects to Lake Charles Home Sellers when I  list a home for sale in Lake Charles.

The Lake Charles Real Estate Market is in full Spring swing and as we approach  summer, we always see a spike in home sales.  Lake Charles Home Buyers are out searching Lake Charles real estate.  Homeowners who are selling their Lake Charles homes, can do some simple things to attract a home buyer.

My personal Lake Charles home is Not for Sale, but if I were selling  my Lake Charles home I would still follow the same steps we just completed over the weekend.  Regular home maintenance is always important to protect your home value.

Here are some simple tasks you can do before it gets too hot to prepare your Lake Charles Home for Sale:

  1. Pressure Wash the exterior of your home
  2. Repaint Exterior of your Lake Charles home and exterior trim as needed
  3. Plant some flowers that will bloom through Spring-Summer
  4. Re-mulch flower beds
  5. Paint your mailbox
  6. Exterminate pests (wasps, spiders, ants)

My personal Lake Charles residence  is not for sale but if I were selling my Lake Charles home I would want to make  a lasting impression  with home buyers.   If you have questions about selling or listing your Lake Charles home, please contact me!


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