Will You Be Watching the Royal Wedding This Week?


Will you be watching the Royal Wedding this week?

I remember watching the royal wedding of Diana and Prince Charles on my console TV in my South Lake Charles apartment back in July, 1981! Like this ABC News Story, I was one of the thousands who were glued to the TV watching the fairytale wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

As if you don’t know there is another Royal Wedding taking place this Friday, you must be living under a rock not to know that Prince William is marrying Kate!   You can expect to see celebrities and national dignitaries as guests in attendance and how they dress for the occasion!  It is not often you get to see a spectacle like this played out right before our eyes on TV. Once again millions of people will be able to witness Kate Middleton marry her Prince William!

How many times do we get to see of sparkling carriages pulled by a team of royal horses with all the pomp and circumstance! I heard an interesting bit of trivia to share with my blog readers. Since Kate is a commoner she will arrive at the church via Rolls Royce instead of one of the royal carriages. It is not until she becomes a princess that she is allowed to ride one of the royal carriages which she will get to do when leaving Westminster Abby.

So in honor of the big wedding day on Friday here is something fun for you to do. You can use your own royal wedding name this week.  Start with either Lord or Lady.  Your first name is one of your grandparents names.  Your surname is the name of your first pet, then “of” followed by the street you grew up on.

My Royal wedding name is: Lady Lucille Terry of South Hickory Place . Perhaps as Lady Terry I should also dress in a fashionable hat and gloves while I  watch the Royal Wedding from the comfort of  my own sofa in Lake Charles, LA home!

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I may not always show up in a hat and gloves when selling Lake Charles Real Estate however as a Lake Charles Home Buyer or Lake Charles Home Seller, you are sure to get “Royal Service” of your very own from me as your Lake Charles REALTOR! Heck, I will even pick you up and let you ride in my own “royal carriage” to view Lake Charles Real Estate! As a matter of fact here is my “royal” invitation I extend to ALL Lake Charles Buyers and Sellers.

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