Roof Inspections and Lake Charles Homes for Sale

Will  a Lake Charles Home For Sale Require a New Roof?

Lake Charles Rita Roofs

Lake Charles Homes for Sale which go “under contract” may require a roof inspection, it will depend on the age of the roof.

During the Buyer’s home inspection period a home inspector may discover roof deficiencies.   Some of typical roof issues of concern are:

  • missing shingles or tabs
  • worn shingles or worn out ridges
  • rotten decking or felt
  • nail heads
  • roof leaks

Most Lake Charles homes within Calcasieu Parish have had the entire roof and/or shingles replaced in 2005-2006 after Hurricane Rita, and may be referred to as “Rita Roofs”.   However some Lake Charles homes that did not incur any damage from Hurricane Rita may not have had the roof replaced.  If a home is an older home 12  -30 years, the buyer’s insurance company may require a roof inspection before the insurance company will insure the home.  This means that the insurance company will send out their own roof inspector to check the roof and make sure there is still “life” left in the shingles.

Because Lake Charles has had several severe storms in the last five years, asphalt shingles may have lost their granules from hail, wind and rain, therefore the life of the shingle is cut and what should be a 20 or 30 year roof could be reduced to a 10-15 year roof.  When this figure is applied to a home that is already 10-15 years old an insurance company could require a substantial part of the roof to be replaced.

If the home inspector notes roof issues in the Lake Charles home buyer’s inspection, the home buyer would be wise to  also obtain a professional opinion from a licensed roofer.  The home buyer’s inspection period is a time when the buyer is allowed to obtain professional opinions and inspections such as structural, roof, plumbing, electrical, etc.

When a Lake Charles home buyer obtains the opinion  and/or estimate of roof replacement from a licensed roofer this documentation and estimate can be presented to the Lake Charles home seller in the inspection response.

Lake Charles home sellers need to understand the position of  Lake Charles home buyer’s trying to obtain home owner’s insurance.  An insurance policy is a condition the Lake Charles  home buyer  needs to meet in order to obtain a home mortgage.

It is also helpful for Lake Charles home sellers who are listing a home for sale in Lake Charles know the condition of their Lake Charles roof  before listing the property.  Age and condition of the roof is a question on the Louisiana home disclosures which is  part of the required paperwork to be completed by Louisiana homeowners when listing a Lake Charles home for sale.

Roofs here in Lake Charles take alot of abuse with the amount of hard rain and storms within the last five years.    Home sellers may not have experienced any leaks and not had a problem with obtaining insurance while living in their Lake Charles homes but for a new Lake Charles  home buyer trying to obtain homeowner’s insurance, if a roof is older than 2005, there may be an issue.  You just never know until the Lake Charles home for sale is inspected.



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