Mojito Pointe is Approved for Lake Charles

The Lake Charles Mojito Pointe casino project was approved by 77% of Calcasieu Parish voters on Saturday, April 30th.

Mojito Pointe will bring an economic boost and keep the Lake Charles economy moving forward. When construction begins later this fall, 1,500 construction jobs are expected. Once Mojito Pointe is completed in 2013 Mojito Pointe will offer Lake Charles 2000 permanent jobs.

Mojito Pointe  is a $400 million dollar investment for the Lake Charles community.  Mojito Pointe will be another entertainment venue for Lake Charles that also offers resort amenities , entertainment and recreational activities.  Pictured here are some artist renderings of the Mojito Pointe Project.

Mojito Pointe Casino

Mojito Pointe casino in Lake Charles

casino drawing for Mojito Pointe

With the added creation of jobs this will not only pump the Lake Charles economy but also the wage earning potential of Mojito Pointe employees. With the creation of new jobs, Mojito Pointe will bring new residents to the area who will need to find a home in Lake Charles.

Lake Charles is already projected  by Bloomberg Business to be a high performing real estate community with increases by 2014, Mojito Pointe will only increase this.

In a previous blog I stated reasons why Calcasieu Parish should vote YES to Mojito Pointe.

Mojito Pointe will be located near the existing L’Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino in Lake Charles.

Lake Charles L'Auberge du Lac
L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino

To give a visual of the location where Mojito Pointe will be constructed, I got a good view touring by boat along the lake.

It will be exciting to see the developments as we watch Mojito Pointe become a reality for Lake Charles, LA and the positive economic impact Mojito Pointe will give to residents and the City of Lake Charles. So lets all get the MOJITO spirit!


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