Contraband Days in Lake Charles is a Pirate Festival!

Contraband Days in Lake Charles is fully underway and it’s a pirate festival! 

What do Lake Charles residents and visitors to Lake Charles enjoy about Contraband Days? For some its the excitement of the Pirate theme. The Buccaneers have officially taken over the seawall and have fired their cannons!

Contraband Days cannons

Many Lake Charles residents enjoy viewing Contraband Days by water and just being out on the lake! I was fortunate to be able to travel by boat with a group of friends to check out Contraband Days.  One of the things that attracts Lake Charles residents and visitors to Lake Charles is our lakefront and the boating.

The marina was full of docked boats all flying the Jolly Roger this weekend.

marina at Contraband Days in Lake Charles

Some boaters are rather inventive and we actually dubbed this boat the “cajun man’s boat”  I even caught site of a floating houseboat!

Lake charles cajun boat

What would a festival in Lake Charles be like without a carnival and food?  I got to sample one of those delicious funnel cakes this weekend!

funnel cake at Contraband Days

Although while wondering around I was taken captive  and put into the stocks by a Pirate Donnie! I tried to reason with him that I had no Contraband!

Lake Charles Realtor Marilyn Boudreaux

Along with every Lake Charles festival you can always spot the “royalty”  These photos are of the reigning Miss Contraband, Jr Miss Contraband and Lil Miss Contraband along with a minature Jean Lafitte!

Pirate Royalty at Contraband Days

Thursday, May 5 is Family Night at Contraband and “The Cavern band from Trinity Baptist Church will be opening up for Jars of Clay.  Should be a great concert so who knows maybe I will head out to Contraband again….that is if I can stay away from Pirate Donnie!

Marilyn Boudreaux Century 21 Realtor Captured


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