I Hope Your Lake Charles Home Foundation is Solid

Today is Mother’s Day and I was reminded  that  Mothers have a natural nesting instinct, especially when it comes to making a house a home.  We tend to build the foundation of our home and our family.  What is the  concentration of the foundation of a home?

Welcome to my Canal Place Home in Lake Charles

This is a picture of my Canal Place home in Lake Charles and my new palm beach shutter which was my Mother’s Day gift this year.  The shutter is great looking and adds to the beauty of my Lake Charles home but there is more to a house than just the exterior beauty of a Lake Charles home.  It is one thing to build a good looking  house in Lake Charles , it is another thing to build a long-lasting home in Lake Charles.   As a Lake Charles REALTOR I am in and out of many homes in Lake Charles, LA.   Sometimes I am asked about the foundation of the home in a structural sense of the word.  Here in Southwest Louisiana we have witnessed the destruction of Hurricanes and seen houses lost, damaged or demolished in the blink of an eye.

Anyone can build  or rebuild a house.  How do we  build a strong foundation?

Cracked foundation of a Lake Charles home

Is Your Foundation Cracked?

We have a lot of new home construction taking place in Lake Charles.   Builders can build houses easily.  Each house  can be similar in construction or floorplan yet each home can be different.  In life we all have the same design in mind, to build a home with Mom, Dad and a healthy happy family.  However when the storms of life come the quality of the home foundation is  tested  We will face storms and how we weather the storm depends on how firm our spiritual home foundation really is.

Matthew 7:24-27 –Jesus shares the story of a wise builder and a foolish builder.  Most of you have probably heard this story of the man who built his house on the rock which withstood the rain, water and wind.  This would be the “wise man”.  Then there is the man who built his house on sand and when the rain, water and wind beat against the house it crashed and fell to the ground.  This would be the “foolish man”

Today I was reminded that there are three solid rocks that every home should be built upon for a strong spiritual foundation. 

  1. The rock of salvation
  2. The rock of Scripture
  3. The rock of Submission

rocks of my foundation Speaking of “rocks”,   I have rocks that outline my flowerbeds as you will note in the first picture sporting my new shutter!  However these are no ordinary rocks, but rather a symbol of where my foundation is in my heart and the foundation of my life and my home.  What you can’t see is the underneath of my rocks.  Each one bears a scripture that is important to me.  (I turned a few over in this picture so you could see what I mean)…

Recently when I had my landscaping renewed one of the workers working in my flowerbeds “un-earthed” some of my rocks and noticed these rocks were different from the rest.   He showed me one of my rocks and asked me if I knew my rocks were written upon.  I replied “yes I know, those are scriptures written in my heart and they are the base of my faith” (my foundation).  My rocks are a symbol outlining the “foundation my home is built upon

1 Corinthians 3:11 “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid which is Jesus Christ”


I sell houses in Lake Charles, LA.  The blessing I reap is when I witness  my clients turning that ordinary Lake Charles house into a “Christ filled home”.

If you are searching for a house in Lake Charles, I can assist you.   However, I would also like to encourage home owners to make sure their  spiritual foundation is solid!  Anyone can build a house, but you must make that house your home and have faith to weather the storms that will test your foundation.

Be blessed today on Mother’s Day and always!



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