Lake Charles Home Sellers Keep Your Home Show Ready

As a Lake Charles Realtor, the best tip I can share with Lake Charles Home Sellers is to make sure their Lake Charles Home for Sale is “show ready”. Sometimes you only get one shot with that Buyer viewing your home, so it is important that Lake Charles Home Sellers keep their home ready to show during the term of your listing.

What does “show ready” mean?

Have you ever heard the term “window shopping”?

Retailers go to great lengths to create window displays that will draw the consumer inside the store.  As shoppers, we walk past these store windows and stop and look.  When shoppers like what they see they will enter the store and probably make a purchase!

Shopping for Lake Charles Homes is not much different.   87% of Buyers searching for a Lake Charles home will view properties online first.  If Buyers like what they see, they will contact their Realtor to show them the house. Realtors can never predict when the Buyer may want to view a home, therefore Lake Charles Home Sellers should keep their Lake Charles Home show ready at all times. You don’t want to miss a showing!

Buyers will be impacted with the first impression of how your Lake Charles  home for sale appears to them.  To help Lake Charles Home Sellers make their Home for Sale attractive and grab the attention of the buyer, there are some things the Lake Charles Home Seller can do.   If  Lake Charles Home Sellers are still living in their Lake Charles home while it is listed,  the home sellers can try “home staging”  with their own items.     Here are just a few tips for Lake Charles Home Sellers to enhance the appearance of  their Lake Charles Home For Sale:

  • Set Your Dining Room Table
  • Dress the Bed
  • Clear the Kitchen Countertops

Curb appeal is not the only thing that draws the attention of Buyers.  Lake Charles Home Buyers are  also attracted to a neat clean  interior appearance of a Lake Charles Home for Sale.

Lake Charles Real Estate

Lake Charles Real Estate

Lake Charles Home Sellers don’t have to spend money- just use what  is already in place or on hand in your home!  Think of staging your home like planning for a party.  Lake Charles Home Sellers are really “entertaining Lake Charles Buyers” so  make your “guests” feel welcome!   When touring the inside of a Lake Charles Home for Sale, buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the home.     Buyer’s need to be able to see the loving care Sellers have enjoyed in their Lake Charles Home for Sale.

Creating an inviting atmosphere is simple!  Take a look at what  can be done with an outside space on a patio.

Lake Charles Real Estate

The photos I have shared are NOT stock photos, these are pictures I took with my  Home Buyer while viewing a Lake Charles Home for Sale this week.  My buyer called me after receiving an auto-email notification of a new Lake Charles listing.   The buyer liked what they saw — the appearance of the photos drew the buyer in wanting a closer look…..just like “window shopping”.

If you are a Lake Charles home buyer and you are interested in learning more about auto-email notification of new Lake Charles listings contact MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337-499-9592 or visit the Lake Charles Real Estate and Homes for Sale website to view all Lake Charles Homes for Sale.

If you area thinking of selling your Lake Charles home, contact MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337-499-9592.  When selling your Lake Charles home, I will work with Lake Charles home sellers to make sure their home is show ready!

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