What do Flip Flops Have to Do With Real Estate?

The Flip Flop Brand


I am a big fan of branding and being authentic. This week in a Real Estate seminar one of my favorite sessions was Transformational Branding and Online Reputation. Here is what I took away from this session presented by Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver Group 46:10. These guys were sort of like watching a David Letterman monologue! What we really learned is these Arizona dudes are the “flip flop”REALTOR guys (that is how they are branded)

Group 46:10



Fred and Kevin shared what “The Outback” of  real estate really is. The Outback is just a viewpoint of a situation that is different you are basically looking for a solution. How many times do we hear “we must be willing to think outside of the box” Numbers and percentages don’t matter….it’s more about a different way of thinking and setting yourself apart.

Traditional branding is the 3% of The Outback which means traditional marketing like flyers, postcards, newsletters etc. That is only 3% of what is actually possible!! The other 97% is about a whole new way of doing things being unpredictable trying something different and getting out of your comfort zone. Real estate is not for the faint hearted, you get out of it exactly what you are committed to putting into it. Change is inevitable and we have all heard that saying that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over”.


Thinking differently is my philosophy and this presentation resonated with me. Being different and setting myself apart in my real estate market is one of the reasons I enjoy using video blogging. For example video blogging shows buyers a little bit of who I am and I can educate the buyer on a real estate topic very easily and showcase my knowledge. This is just one example of marketing yourself and being different.

Those of you who follow me, know I like to have fun and I have begun to incorporate video blogging into my local Lake Charles real estate business.

Flip Flop dude Fred said “Real estate agents just want it to be easy but you have to stay on top of things.” I could not agree more!

In other words passion needs to come through in your real estate.

General tips that work:

  • be transparent and authentic
  • be yourself you are the product
  • be consistent
  • passion and hard work
  • interaction
  • focus on niches

Bottom line…be willing to incorporate different marketing techniques and approach real estate from a different perspective.

I am affiliated with Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co,’s in Lake Charles, LA.  Century 21 is a very recognizable brand.  Century 21 just launched a new marketing campaign SMARTER, BOLDER, FASTER.


As a Century 21 real estate agent I may not be identified with Flip Flops but  my Century 21 company  gold posts are visible everywhere you go and Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co’s is a leader in Southwest Louisiana real estate.  REALTORS  will vary with individual marketing.  Research your Lake Charles real estate agent carefully.  Lake Charles home sellers can GOOGLE Lake Charles Real Estate Agents to see how productive the agent is with an internet presence or recognizable within the community.  More importantly, how transparent  or authentic is your Lake Charles real estate agent?

If you are considering selling your Lake Charles home, call MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337 499 9592.  I would like to share my different marketing techniques I utilize to get your Lake Charles Home for Sale noticed and SOLD! I am not afraid of the entering the Outback of Real Estate to get the job done!

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