Dogs May Not Help You Sell Your Lake Charles House

Dogs are man’s best friend but when it comes time to sell your Lake Charles home, dogs or animals in general may not be a buyer’s best friend.

If you are a pet owner and are selling your Lake Charles home you may have pet odor and not know it.  Visitors entering your home may be able to tell you have a pet before they ever spot a dog dish or dog!

Because I am in and out of Lake Charles homes for sale I see the reactions of Lake Charles Home Buyers when we view a home with a pet odor.

If you are a pet owner before listing your Lake Charles Home for Sale, it is wise to steam clean your carpets and any furniture the dogs get up on to remove odors.

It is important to keep your Lake Charles home very neat and clean when you are trying to sell it.  If you burn a bunch of  strong candles that smell like apple pie or perfume buyer’s will think you are masking an odor.  When choosing air fresh products or plug ins choose a natural scent that is not over powering.

Often pet’s have a designated spot where owner’s contain their pets.  Buyer’s don’t want to open the laundry room door or a bathroom door and get a whiff of  one of those pee pee training pads!

Litter box odor can be overwhelming also. The best way to remove pet odor is a simple method of using vinegar and water as shared in the video tip posted below.

Housecleaning Tips for Pet Odors —powered by

If at all possible when you get notice of a showing,  it is best to remove the pet from the house.  Ask a neighbor to check in on your pet if you can’t be home to do so.  You never know when a buyer might be allergic to pets!

Buyers need to be able to walk through the house and yard without fear of the dog or the dog getting out.  That brings me to another topic –what dogs leave behind!   Clean up after your pet, there is nothing worse than a buyer or a REALTOR stepping in dog poop when viewing the outside of  your Lake Charles property!


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