Stop Shopping for Your Lake Charles Home and BUY NOW

Are you a Lake Charles Home Buyer Searching for  home in Lake Charles, LA? or Are you a Lake Charles Home Shopper?

Shopping for a Lake Charles Home for Sale is similar to buyers shopping in favorite department stores.  When you go to the Mall you are probably looking for a bargain. You will look at alot of items before you make a purchase.  Consumers read the newspaper watch TV ads and see sales that perk their interest.  Retail stores market sales on items  throughout the seasons.  We just saw big Memorial Day sales and tax free weekends.

Lake Charles Real Estate is very similar to Retail Sales.  Homes for Sale in Lake Charles will have Open Houses, and price reductions to draw the attention of buyers.   Home Buyers are looking for deals on homes–they want a bargain!

Many buyers are waiting to purchase when they think the time is right.  There are lots of home shoppers out there waiting for the lowest interest rate and price tag on a home  before they will commit.

Lake Charles home buyers want to feel like they are getting a bargain, and feel secure in their home purchase.  Many buyers I work with get discouraged when they can’t find the right home in their price range.  Sometimes buyers will just stop looking and decide to wait for something better to come along, or prices to drop more.

When showing a Lake Charles home for sale, buyers will frequently ask me questions and share comments like these:

  • How long has the house been on the market?
  • That price seems awful high what do you think
  • The house needs a lot of work- it’s not updated

Lake Charles Home Buyers are looking for Lake Charles homes that are move in ready.  Buyers  want to move in, unpack and go on with life, they don’t want to make any home repairs or improvements themselves.  When a Lake Charles home buyer walks into a Lake Charles home for sale you want the buyer to say “I don’t have to do anything- I love it!” This is why Lake Charles home sellers need to have their homes “show ready” and in good condition priced right to sell in the Lake Charles real estate market.


Financial Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Mortgage Rates are at all time lows!

There have been several good financial articles published this week educating buyers on Why Now is the Time to Buy a home.

Forbes contributed this article:  9 Reasons to Buy a House Now

Wall Street Journal contributed this article: Is It Time to Buy a Home?

shopping for homes in Lake Charles


Lake Charles Retail Shoppers are just like Lake Charles  Home Buyers.  Are you a Lake Charles Buyer just shopping the curbs of Lake Charles Homes?

There are bargains to be found on Lake Charles Homes for Sale.  You can easily begin your search of ALL Lake Charles Homes For Sale by visiting my Lake Charles Real Estate website. Contact me today to see the selection of Lake Charles Homes for Sale!  MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337 499 9592

The time to buy a home is now while interest rates are low and the Lake Charles homes for sale offers high inventory for Buyers to choose from.

After you become a homeowner you can have fun filling up those shopping bags with new things  for your Lake Charles home!.






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