Lake Charles Buyer’s Home Inspection and Stucco

Lake Charles Buyer’s who are under contract to purchase a property have an inspection period in which the Buyer can inspect the home they are purchasing. Home inspection time frames can vary and begin the first day after the contract is accepted by the Seller. In Lake Charles a typical home inspection time frame is anywhere from 7-12 days.

Many things can be discovered during the home inspection. Recently I was at a home inspection and the inspector pointed out that the dormer of the second story had a crack in the  dryvit (synthetic stucco). When initially viewing the house neither the buyer or I noticed that the second story dormer facade was stucco!  The cause is unknown and the inspector recommended evaluation and repair by a licensed building contractor.
Most relocation companies prefer that the buyer not purchase a home with a certain percentage of synthetic stucco.  This is important to keep in mind when showing homes and working with relocation buyers moving to Lake Charles.

The Louisiana Disclosures have a section to disclose EIFS (synthetic stucco).

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