Many South Lake Charles Residents Will Miss Cormie’s Grocery


It is a sad day in Lake Charles.  Overnight, Lake Charles residents lost a favorite landmark– Cormie’s Grocery . Early this morning, Lake Charles Fire Fighters arrived to find  Lake Charles Cormie’s Grocery engulfed in flames. Smoke could be seen from I-210 and residents report smelling smoke as far away as Sulphur. Lake Charles Fire Chief T.A. Jones shared that “entire inside of the grocery store is scorched and the gas pump awning singed.”  The cause of the fire is unknown and remains under investigation.

Those of us who have been Cormie’s patrons over the years are stunned and saddened.


Cormie’s Grocery  has been  a South Lake Charles Landmark for over 35 years.


Cormie's Grocery

It’s no secret if you have lived in South Lake Charles you  know of or have heard of Cormie’s Grocery.  Cormie’s (as we know it)  has been a favorite of the locals for at least 35 years.   Cormie’s has been the main spot for South Lake Charles residents long before Albertson’s was ever on the map!  The neighborhoods of Geddings and Kingspoint  have actually built up all around the little corner of Big Lake and Country Club Road.  Cormie’s has also been a favorite stop of Graywood residents.

Where else can you wash your car, bathe and groom your pet, fuel your vehicles and pick up food & drinks?? Cormie’s had all your needs covered! Cormie's Grocery


Cormie's GroceryCormie’s was  a unique stop.  It’s not too pretty from the outside but had everything you could want on the inside!  Cormie’s had expanded the interior to include a place to sit down and eat some of their good food for lunch or snacks.

Located on the corner of Big Lake Road and Country Club Road in South Lake Charles, Cormie’s was  convenient to several Lake Charles neighborhoods including:  Geddings Estates, Kings Point and Graywood, not to mention the Lake Charles Country Club Golf Course! (I have seen a golf cart or two at Cormie’s before)

South Lake Charles Residents loved the accessibility and you would  always run into someone you know whenever you made a stop there.

Not only  did Cormie’s make some of the best bread pudding you will ever taste, they sold it by the pan and it is so good it will make you want to Slap Your Momma!  Cormie’s also offered  some of the best cuts of fresh meats.  Lunch time was always busy when nearby workers stopped in to Cormie’s to pick up plate lunches, pizza, salads and sandwiches!

Boaters heading out Big Lake Road to fish  in the Gulf  are going to miss making a stop at Cormie’s to stock up on ice, refreshments and gas.   It was routine for Boater’s headed back in to Lake Charles to stop , wash and rinse off their boats from the salt water in the Gulf!

After school Cormie’s  was a favorite stop for school kids who make their parents stop by for snacks.  Everytime, my 27 year old son  visits he would drive to  Cormie’s for one of his favorite sandwiches!

Cormie’s was locally owned and became one of the best Mom & Pop stores you will find in Lake Charles. From the wall of fishing lures to frozen food, you  could  find everything you needed at Cormie’s Grocery in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  They even sold “Cormie’s Grocery” T-shirts!

Last summer when I was working with relocation clients from Florida moving to Lake Charles, they had heard the locals talk about Cormie’s and wanted to go by there.  After we had viewed homes in Graywood, we stopped at Cormie’s for a snack break–even visitors to Lake Charles loved Cormie’s!


I hope Cormie’s will re-build bigger and better.  It is going to be a long summer without being able to stop at Cormie’s to gas up, get your bags or ice and your favorite beverage.

*Cormie’s Photos were taken in April 2010*

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