Are you a Lake Charles First Time Home Buyer?

Anytime you do something for the first time, you will have questions!

Lake Charles first time home buyers always have a lot of questions. Understanding the home buying process and the steps of purchasing a Lake Charles home is important. Working with a Lake Charles REALTOR who takes the time to fully explain and guide you is an added plus!

1. The first step for Lake Charles home buyers is to get pre approved with a lender of choice. By meeting with a mortgage professional the buyer will know what amount they can afford and have an idea of what a house note would be in their pre approval range.

Once a home buyer has the green light from the loan officer to go search for properties the home search begins. When working with Lake Charles first time homebuyers who have found a house that interests them, I am usually asked, what do we do now?

2. The second step for Lake Charles home buyers who have found a property they love is MAKE AN OFFER, Write and Offer that will be accepted! We cannot move forward to the next steps without an accepted offer

When buying a home in Lake Charles, buyers do not always understand the steps of the transaction. I am frequently asked questions about

  • Inspections
  • Appraisals

Lake Charles first time homebuyers can become dismayed during the house hunting process when they view homes that are not move in ready. First time home buyers can be on a budget and don’t want to take on renovation projects. Usually a first time home buyer is looking in a specific price point and this will be a starter home. Understanding that you may not get all your wants and desires in a first home is part of the give and take in the transaction. You may be looking at older homes that will require updating.

Most Lake Charles homes for sale are listed in “as is” condition. That means that the the seller is probably going to be limited on what they will be willing to fix or repair. A contract is written in good faith by the Lake Charles buyer knowing that what the buyer sees, the buyer gets.

Upon the offer being accepted the buyer will be expected to make a deposit on the property which is held in escrow by the listing Broker.

3. The third step for Lake Charles home buyers who have negotiated an accepted contract, is the inspection period.


The inspection period is used to detect and discover any unknown deficieciences not disclosed by the seller. The inspection period is the buyer’s opportunity to negotiate on items that buyer would like to be addressed. It does mean that the seller agrees to fix or repair those items.

4. The fourth step for the Lake Charles home buyer under contract is the appraisal contingency.


Lake Charles home buyers who have entered into contract and are obtaining a loan will be required to pay for an appraisal on the property they are purchasing. The appraisal is a buyer’s expense and part of the buyers loan. Appraisals are usually ordered after the buyer has completed the inspection period. Understanding how appraisals work is important. If the property appraises for lower than the contract price, the seller is notified and the seller must allow the buyer to re-negotiate at the lower appraisal price.

Contracts, repairs, inspections and appraisals are the most frequently asked questions by Lake Charles first time home buyers.

If you are a first time home buyer searching for a home in Lake Charleos, and would like more information about buying a Lake Charles home, visit my Lake Charles Real Estate website or call me MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337-499-9592 You will find more information I have compiled regarding each of these subjects as you navigate my website and can also search ALL PROPERTIES FOR SALE IN LAKE CHARLES!

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