I’m a lonely Razorback Fan in the Heart of LSU Country

We are drawing closer to my favorite time of the year which is NCAA College Football

There is nothing like the excitment of a Fall football game and last year I got to take a road trip and sit in the stands once again as an alumni to cheer my team to victory! (Yep thats me you will hear in the video)

I follow the SEC very closely

People always ask me why in the world I am a Razorback fan living in Lake Charles, LA which is LSU country! It’s like that Beach Boy’s song “Be True to Your School”…fans always support their alma mater! I consider myself a well rounded fan considering my background.

My Mother was from Paris, Texas and although I never lived in Texas I grew up hearing “Hook Em Horns” for years! My Uncle attended the University of Texas as did my cousins and all during my childhood when we would visit I would hear about those Longhorns! I even heard about the Texas A & M Aggies….My Mother graduated from an all female college, Texas State Women’s College ,so dating those Aggie boys from the nearest college was not unusual. My Mother used to tell us stories of how she had to stand the entire game and you would get a kiss from your date when A & M scored! (There has been talk of those Aggies trying to join the SEC, but I’m glad they decided to remain in the Big 12!)

Growing up as a kid in Pine Bluff, Arkansas I got a taste of the Razorback fever at an early age. At 7 years of age I wasn’t interested in football. I learned then that Arkansas fans take their football very seriously enough so….to take it to the level of egging our house when Texas played Arkansas simply because my Mother was from Texas!

Oklahoma Sooners

By the time my family moved to Broken Arrow Oklahoma I was a teenager. While in high school that I set my sights on attending the University of Oklahoma. By then I had learned all the words to Oklahoma Boomer Sooner Fight Song!

Oklahoma is a split fan state of OSU and OU and like I said earlier “I have always preferred the Red Teams”. The majority of my friends were split in attending OU and OSU and my older OU friends were trying hard to recruit me. I even attended the OU Sr. Weekends and sorority parties. For years I followed the rival game of OU vs. Texas and I was actually at the Orange Bowl in 1978 and witnessed OU and Arkansas square off!

The deciding factor in choosing my college was my college major and as I began to research colleges accordingly I chose the University of Arkansas. If you have ever visited Northwest Arkansas you are familiar with the beauty of Fayetteville and the Ozarks. It is not hard to fall in love with the U of A campus.

University of Arkansas

During my years at the U of A, Arkansas was in the SW conference still playing mostly Texas teams. I had flashbacks of my family flashing Hook Em Horns fingers at me and hearing those loud, annoying cowbells at games. Then tradition changed and years later Arkansas joined the SEC and I found myself a lone Razorback in the middle of LSU land!

These days I am surrounded by purple and gold LSU fans who are pretty crazy! I must admit LSU is a team to contend with,,,,just sayin.

However I will always be true to my school, the University of Arkansas and just like my Mother voicing her “Hook Em Horns” my kids have grown up hearing me say “GO HOGS” and “Woooo Pig Soooie

I have two favorite teams listed on my Facebook page, OU and Arkansas! I still follow the Sooners and will always be an OU fan, but my heart belongs to the Razorbacks!

The SEC is one of the toughest football conferences there is and we love our Football here in the South! It is going to be an interesting year! Here is a clip from the last 3 minutes of the 2010 ARK V. LSU game.

YES, I was there in Little Rock to watch my beloved Razorbacks WIN!

GO HOGS from way down here in Lake Charles, LA!!!!

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