Will Lake Charles Residents Pay a Premium Price for Pumpkins This Fall?

Friday September 23 is the official first day of Autumn 2011!

We here in Southwest Louisiana and Calcasieu Parish may have enjoyed the cool front we had pass through after Hurricane Irene, but we may be paying the price when we shop for our Pumpkins this year!

Fall is usually welcomed with leaves changing colors, crisp football weather and as we approach October and  Halloween Lake Charles residents enjoy  incorporating pumpkins in home decor interiors and landscaping.

 Pretty soon we will see the Pumpkin Patches open up for business.  Pumpkins are not just for carving Jack o Lanterns, Homeowners enjoy using pumpkins to decorate home interiors, porches, table arrangements and fireplace/mantles.

Most Pumpkins are shipped across the country from Northeast Pumpkin Patches.   Hurricane Irene destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches so farmers  in the Northeast may not be able to fulfill all their orders.  In other words, there is going to be a shortage of pumpkins this year. 

Heavy rain early in the Spring delayed planting  which caused  a late harvest.  Harvesting pumpkins later is risky because prime season is prior to October 31 and most wholesalers need to get pumpkins on their way to stores by mid-September.

Get your pumpkins early this year, there could be a shortage and you will probably pay a higher price due to supply and demand.


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