How Do You Really Feel about the New Facebook and Technology?

Change is inevitable, it happens to all of us in our world but that doesn’t mean we have to like it!  Social Media is rockin with comments posted on every profile about the new Facebook changes.   The consensus of most  is “dislike” and some are looking for a way to change their  Facebook profile back the old way.  We are creatures of habit and change takes time to adjust to.

Last night I spent time trying to figure out where my Facebook newsfeed was and how status updates are posting.  Even photos are posting differently.  We just have to get used to the new navigation but there are even more Facebook changes coming in the future! Facebook announced a new profile feature which will be a Timeline.

Every Five Years a new Technology is added.

Technology speaker Stefan Swanepoel. was in Lake Charles this week shared these statistics with Lake Charles Realtors showing how our marketplace has evolved with the improvements from photo copiers, fax, computer, software, email, websites, video,  and #1 is social media.

There are 7 million Tweets per hour, 2 million Google searches per minute and 3 million emails per second.  If we want to be current, we must go with the speed of change!

We are able to pinpoint most of our daily moves with Geo Tagging our shift is always mobile in our society.

So what about all those photos you are tagged in on Facebook?  They are available and pretty soon, Facebook will launch its Timeline Profile which will tell your life story in a different way……in photos with your status updates correlated to the major events in your life.  That sounds pretty cool to me but some will see this as an invasion of privacy.

Age Effects Everything

Depending on what generation we belong to, our values, attitudes about work, motivations and use of technology to communicate will vary in style and definition of success.

As a Lake Charles Realtor, I consider myself as a tech savvy agent who  utilizes technology and I strive to stay current in order to provide better service  to all  my Lake Charles buyer and seller clients.   As a matter of fact I learned a lot of cool new Mobile Apps and Social Media Strategy this week in  my Real Estate continuing education which I plan to implement very soon.  After a day of learning  new technology  I just didn’t  expect to return home to discover Facebook changes last night without warning!

How do you really feel about Facebook Changes and Technology?  Chances are your answer will vary depending on which generation you are in and how resistant to change you are!

What I have learned is:

  • Speed of Change
  • Every bit of information is Tagged somewhere on the Internet
  • More Facebook changes are on the way…look for the timeline soon

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