New Program to Assist Lake Charles Residents Affected by Hurricane Ike Flooding

Calcasieu Parish has its share of flood zone issues in the past.  It doesn’t help matters that the new FEMA maps re-zoned certain areas of Calcasieu Parish.   Flood Insurance is at risk with the National Flood Insurance Program set to expire September 30th.

We here in Calcasieu Parish are all too familiar with flooding from storms.  This week it was announced that there is a new program aimed at re-imbursing residents affected by Hurricane Ike

If your home took on water during the Hurricane  Ike you could be eligible for up to $18,000 for damages that weren’t covered by insurance.

A $2,500,000 from a Community Development Block Grant has been re-allocated to help Lake Charles residents impacted by Ike flooding.  There are two reimbursement programs, one for homes that were covered by flood insurance and the other is for homeowners whose homes were not covered.

The first program is for who were not covered by federal flood insurance.   Residents who were not covered could qualify for up to $18,000 if  the Lake Charles Homeowner is still living in the home the homeowners must own and occupy the home in Lake Charles after receiving grant money for 3 years.( Up to  $9,000 if they did not return to their flooded home but still live in Lake Charles.)

The second program is for  Lake Charles homeowners who were covered by insurance – the grant reward fills gaps in insurance or to reimburse their deductible.  Residents can receive up to $18,000 and residents must commit to own and occupy the Lake Charles home for 1 year.  The applicant must be up to date on property taxes and if they currently live in a flood zone, have proof of flood insurance.

Be on the alert we could have a shutdown with Flood Insurance the end of the month.  This is important to stay on top of especially with the recent flooding that occurred with Hurricane Irene in the Northeast and other areas across the country.


With the National Flood Insurance Program’s September 30th expiration looming in our very immediate future, it is important to take action NOW!

Please click here to send a personalized letter to your Congressmen urging them not to allow the NFIP expire.

It is important to note that the week of Monday, September 26th through Friday, September 30th Congress is scheduled to be out .  Therefore,  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ACT NOW!

 For your information, FEMA has issued a bulletin in anticipation of the September 30th NFIP expiration –  please refer to the NFIP Bulletin dated September 15, 2011 for additional information.

If you are considering making a purchase after September 30th and your home requires flood insurance, this could be an issue with closing.  Be sure to check with your insurance agent and your loan officer if you are purchasing a home in a  mapped flood zone area.

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