Happy Thanksgiving!


I have been joking this week about Thanksgiving  at our house this year and the lack of preparation on my part. I just put my cornucopia centerpiece out 2 weeks ago and now my neighborhood is full of Christmas lights!

Prior to the arrival of Thanksgiving this week,  household cook(s) across Southwest Louisiana probably spent time making a list of ingredients, going  to the grocery store and began to prep the turkey and bake the pies.

My concentration this week  shifted from my usual Thanksgiving timeline of  remembering to  thaw a turkey to:

While  I viewed my friends Facebook  status updates of what was baking in the oven and Christmas light displays,  I was sharing Facebook status updates of two more happy homeowners!

Lake Charles Real Estate activities may have slowed my Thanksgiving preparation down but somehow I am thankful for a Thanksgiving rush this year!  As I finally  turn my attention to my holiday dinner preparation today, I am also thinking of these new homeowners in Southwest Louisiana  enjoying their first Thanksgiving in a new home!

My random  Thanksgiving thoughts today include thanks for many things:

  • 24 hour grocery stores and food
  • cranberry sauce in a can
  • a free nation and those who serve our country
  • freedom to worship and share God’s grace
  • church
  • family
  • friends
  • health
  • home
  • community
  • career

last but not least I am thankful for YOU!!   My blessings are many and this is just a snapshot of a few Lake Charles home buyers I am  thinking of today.




Happy Thanksgiving from Marilyn Boudreaux Century 21

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