What To Expect When Viewing a 30 Year Old Home

Most Lake Charles homes for sale under $150,000 will be referred to as “dated”  What that means is  Lake Charles Home Buyers will discover a 1970’s or 1980’s home to have some of the following:

  • wood trim
  • avocado or gold sinks and tubs
  • wallpaper and lots of it
  • swag light fixtures
  • dark wood doors and cabinets
  • paneling
  • gold hardware
  • popcorn blown ceilings
  • sculptured or shag carpeting

So don’t be surprised if you see “The Brady Bunch” house of feel like you are visiting your Grandparents home!

Typically older homes will have larger bedrooms and living space.   The low interest rates are allowing first time home buyers to be able to purchase homes.   Many Lake Charles home buyers are searching for homes that are $150,000 and below.  Keep in mind  the low monthly note  you will have means more money in your budget  for upgrades.  With some sweat equity and 8-10k  that 30 year old home has potential!

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