Inexpensive Home Exterior and Curb Appeal Projects



Life is all about first impressions, and this is as true of homes as it is of people. Your home’s positive physical appearance from the street is called curb appeal. What does your house say to those passing by?

Spring and Summer are typically the busiest time of the real estate sales in Southwest Louisiana.  With a high inventory of homes for sale in Calcasieu Parish, Buyer’s have many choices.  What can Sellers do to make their Lake Charles Homes stand out in the real estate market?

Create Curb Appeal with these 7 Seller Home Tips

1. Paint the mailbox — Homes with curbside mailboxes can add some pizzazz by painting the post and wrapping the mailbox.    Add a neutral color to the post or one that matches the exterior of your home. Mailbox wraps can be changed seasonally and include a festive look such as an American flag,  or holiday motif.

2. Paint window frames  — Windows can be updated  with a fresh coat of paint or stain that will give a pop of color to the curb appeal of the home.

3. Change the lighting — Old light fixtures may be in good working order and  fine, but if those fixtures were trendy, then the appeal may have long past by. Replace your front entrance lighting with new fixtures. While you’re at it, change door knockers, house numbers and put down a new welcome mat.

4. Paint the front door — A white door may be fine, but it can be so commonplace. Why not add some color  transform the look of your home?  If your door is worn or outdated, it may need replacing.  Remember a Buyer will come right up to the door to enter your home!

5. Add or replace shutters — Shutters add visual appeal to any home and can contrast windows, siding or both. Old shutters can detract from your home; new shutters  or painted shutters can give your home a fresh look. Choose easy maintenance shutters made from fiberglass or PVC.

6. Stain your concrete — Take that blah-looking front patio or walkway and mix in some color. Whoever said that walkways must be white? There is a prep that will need to be done prior to staining and then you’ll need to apply a sealant. That means you may need to take several days or a pair of weekends to give your concrete a fresh look.

7. Plant flowers — Perhaps all that is needed to give your home a new look are flowers and plants. With an assortment of seasonal flowers to choose from you can brighten the perimeter of your home.  A Buyer’s focus from the street may notice what you’re growing as well as the house itself. Colorful plants can give your home a lift, by providing the sparkle missing elsewhere.

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