Home Warranties Pay Off Big Time

Lake Charles Home Buyers and Lake Charles Home Sellers– Has your Lake Charles REALTOR discussed a Home Warranty With You?

When I am working with Lake Charles Home Buyers and the Lake Charles Buyer is ready to write and offer on a Lake Charles Home for Sale, if the home is not a new construction home, which has a New Home Warranty in place, I will recommend that the Buyer ask the Seller for a Home Warranty Plan.

There are several Home Warranty Companies to choose from. The one that I usually recommend is Old Republic Home Warranty. The Basic Seller/Home Buyer Coverage is $419 with a $75 Trade Call Fee.

Home Warranty from Old Republic


Southwest Louisiana has a Long HOT Summer! With June-August being the hottest months of the year , the air conditioners of Lake Charles Homes run at capacity during 100 degree temps and most of the summer season. It is not unusual for a Lake Charles Home AC to require some attention or a service call.   Take a look at this recent Home Warranty claim for a home that was purchased just two months ago.


The new homeowners purchased an older home and the seller provided a home warranty which just recently paid off big with a $1,400 service call!!  The air conditioning went out and the compressor had to be replaced.  This is exactly why it is a great advantage to have a home warranty on an older home.

The Appliances of Older Lake Charles Homes for Sale have a life expectancy. Air Conditioning Compressors and Units can and will go out and need replacing as well as other home appliances. There is nothing worse than moving into your Lake Charles Home only to find that something quits working a week later! This is when a $75 trade call can save you on the home repair! When an appliance or equipment at your home quit working the home owner calls the 1-800 number and the Home Warranty Company calls out the repairman!

Homeowners with a Home Warranty in place enjoy peace of mind, convenience, budget protection, and easy, dependable service. No more “searching the Yellow Pages” for a reputable repairman, no more “hassles” over the cost of repairs, no more “budget busting” repair bills.

Sellers can also take advantage of a Home Warranty. Lake Charles Home Sellers, you don’t have to wait until you receive a contract to purchase your Lake Charles Home to agree to a Home Warranty for the Buyer.

Lake Charles Home Sellers can order a Home Warranty and have it in place while the Lake Charles Home is listed! This protects you as the Lake Charles Home Seller should an appliance quit working while the Warranty is in place. The Home Warranty can be transferred to the Buyer purchasing the Lake Charles Home for Sale at closing.

A Home Warranty is not only a good savings for home repairs, A Home Warranty is also a “perk” to have in place to offer a Buyer viewing a Lake Charles Home for Sale, especially with an older home, it gives the buyer piece of mine.

Homeowners have the option of renewing a Old Republic Home Warranty and will be notified when their plan is expiring. For more information on Old Republic Home Warranty call 800-445-6999 or visit www.orhp.com

Weather Temperatures are rising in Southwest Louisiana and air conditioners are running full capacity.  You don’t want to be without air conditioning in the South in the summer, trust me…..get a Home Warranty in place it will PAY OFF


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