The Avenue of Flags in Lake Charles, LA

Memorial Day is Celebrated with the Avenue of Flags at Orange  Grove Cemetery in  Lake Charles,Louisiana

Each year on Memorial Day many volunteers along with troops of Boy Scouts work tirelessly to display large casket flags in what has become known as The Avenue of Flags.  The event was started in 1983  by the  Sons of the American Revolution.

The flags line the entrance to the historic Orange Grove/Graceland Cemetery on Broad Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana Visitors can walk through or drive through Orange Grove Cemetery to view the Avenue of Flags.

I took some time today to visit Orange Grove Cemetery and view this magnificent display of flags set along a background of 100 year old oak trees.

The Avenue of Flags in Lake Charles, Louisiana is one of the largest flag displays in our nation with a collection of almost 700 flags! The flags  donated  are casket flags (which are large) and given by many families of deceased soldiers.  

The Avenue of Flags in Lake Charles is a tribute that honors Fallen Veterans who served our country and what Memorial Day is all about and it reminds us that Freedom is not always Free.  Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, guardsmen. All gave some, but some gave all.


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