Uh Oh It’s Time to Think About Hurricane Season

It is that time of year when Southwest Louisiana residents start paying more attention to those pesky storms that form in the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico.   Hurricane season   will officially  begin this Friday June 1.

So are folks here in southwest Louisiana ready for the 2012 season?  Last weekend during Memorial Day many Lake Charles residents were taking advantage of the tax free shopping weekend at the local Stines hardware store.  It’s a great time to purchase generators, flashlights, batteries etc.  I even noticed a new construction home which has included a generator in the finishing touches of the building completion.  Since Hurricane Rita, Ike and Gustav the popularity of home generators in Southwest Louisiana is growing.

You can buy supplies, put gas in your car and board up your windows, but  residents here in Southwest Louisiana who have been through a Hurricane will  agree: you can never fully prepare for a hurricane headed your way.  It pays to have a plan and an evacuation route just in case they are needed.
Hopefully 2012 will be a mild season, those of us who remember Hurricane Rita in 2005 are not anxious to experience another Hurricane anytime soon!

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