Are You Curious What Your Lake Charles LA Realtor Does?

Realtors are considered independent contractors and although Lake Charles Realtors may not always be found in their respective Broker office from 8:00 – 5:00 pm you would be surprised to learn what a productive Lake Charles Realtor day consists of!  A busy real estate agent doesn’t spend much time behind a desk sitting  there are places to go and people to see, so we are out and about all over Southwest Louisiana!

Many Buyers and Sellers don’t understand all the behind the scenes work that takes place when a Lake Charles Home is listed for sale, or a Lake Charles property goes under contract.

A successful and productive Lake Charles Realtor is busy with listings and buyers which also means, they are busy with closings!   In order to get to the closing table there are timelines and follow up that your Realtor is doing to keep the transaction on track.

  • Inspections, appraisals need to be ordered and reviewed with the client
  • Calls and follow up with loan officers, insurance quotes
  • Coordinating repairs, collecting invoices to review, ordering home warranties
  • Reviewing HUD settlement statements

Then there are new calls from prospective buyers, clients and leads that need attention, not to mention showing property which could be a full day of appointments depending on the Buyer.

I don’t need an alarm clock at my house, my phone will begin to ring and buzz with text messages beginning at 8:00 am daily!    When your Realtor is working for you, they wear many hats, for instance today, I coordinated with a moving company  a car delivery and tracked down a missing riding lawn mower from a listing!

Lake Charles Real Estate and Lake Charles Relocation requires alot of attention and detail.  Lake Charles Relocation Buyers are usually moving to Lake Charles from out of state and depend on their Realtor to help coordinate events connected with their closing and move. When a buyer is not physically present and still living in another city or state, it can be a nervous frantic time for that relocation buyer.   It is also a bit tricky with closing dates, out of state lenders, and clients in unfamiliar territory not knowing who to call for utilities.   As a Lake Charles Relocation Realtor, I try to make this process as smooth as possible and it requires extra effort.

My days start early with calls, texts and emails and I usually stay late at the office  until  7:00pm or later on many evenings.  Even when I return home, my laptop is open and I continue to work late in the evening.   If you don’t believe me, email me sometime and check the time that I respond to you!!

  • I will show property after  5pm or work hours and on weekends at your convenience
  • I will work on a Holiday
  • I will set aside time to show new residents moving to Lake Charles communities in Southwest Louisiana
  • I will respond to calls, texts or emails within 1 hour time frame.
  • I will listen to your needs–every client gets my attention.
  • If I don’t know the answer I will seek to find a solution or answer.

It takes dedication and dependability to stay on point with contract negotiations and showing property.  I am dedicated to my real estate career and proud to share my success.  Please visit my Client Testimonial Page to see what other clients have to say about my Realtor Performance.

If you have a real estate need in Southwest Louisiana and are searching for a Lake Charles Realtor, give me a call to discuss your Lake Charles Real Estate needs.  You might be surprised to hear how I will connect all the dots to stay on track to conclude a successful real estate closing!


2 Responses to Are You Curious What Your Lake Charles LA Realtor Does?

  1. Marilyn,

    Nice post. Way to put to rest the image that realtors just cruise around in BMWs (or Harleys) all day and rake in the dough.

    This is virtually a 24/7 job if you are cmomitted to it. CLients have so many different needs and schedules. To meet them all, you simply must have the kid of drive and dedication many people aren’t prepared to give.


    • Thank you for commenting Kent, Those of us who are very committed to our work give it our all! At the end we hope to leave with a great lasting impression and a big smile with our clients, at least that is my goal!

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