Summer Tips for Southwest Louisiana Home Sellers

It is HOT in Southwest Louisiana and our summer season lasts a long time!  Temperatures begin to rise in May and we don’t cool off again until late October.  Lake Charles Homes for sale that are on the market during the summer months that may be empty or un occupied can be stuffy!

When a home buyer walks through the door inside and it is hot and humid the buyer will not stay inside the home to really look at it.  Of course foreclosures never have utilities turned on and that is to be expected, but if you still live in the home or even if you have moved out keeping the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature will be a selling point to a buyer.

Another reason to keep the temperature set reasonably cool is so that the buyer does not think the AC doesn’t work properly.  Sometimes buyers may be interested in an older home but if they don’t see the AC compressor working or feel cool air that is a concern that could turn a buyer off.

Curb appeal is also an important feature to remember during the summer.  Don’t let the flowerbeds and grass get overtaken with weeds!  A well manicured lawn will get more positive attention.

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