Assessing Your Southwest Louisiana Home After a Storm

If you don’t like the weather in Southwest Louisiana give it 24 hours and it is sure to change.  The climate in Southwest This year residents of Southwest Louisiana have been experiencing some history breaking weather!  Moon cycles are not the only odd occurrences that have been taking place.

Louisiana is like the tropics at time with hot and humid temperatures.  During the summer months  it is not uncommon to experience an afternoon shower that pops up.

Here in Lake Charles, LA we have gone from record high summer temperatures of 105 where we were melting to a week of rain where the area  accumulated about 17″ of rain during a 5-6 day period.  It rained every single day and the City experienced flash flooding in some places.  Just when we thought we were drying out from a week of rain, Friday night brought a surprise lightening storm.  Beginning just after sunset Friday evening, the sky lit up with a lightening show and booms of thunder causing power outages for almost 15,000 Southwest Louisiana Residents.

Those booms and bolts of lightening did some damage.  Many homeowners woke up to discover cracked and broken trees, debris and damages to their property.  

  I read several Facebook posts about broken patio furniture, upside down trampolines broken pots, etc. that occurred in the storm.

If you have a Lake Charles home for sale, it is always best to assess your property after any kind of storm to check for damages.  The roofing companies have been busy with calls from homeowners who are discovering roof leaks.  With the unusual amount of heavy rain we have had, problems could develop especially in older homes.  Many Lake Charles homes for sale are vacant so it is always best to have your Realtor check the property for damages.  Buyers could be detracted from broken limbs on the roof and any spots on the ceiling indicating a roof or a split tree in the yard!

Many homes were without power Friday and Saturday.  Homes that are sitting vacant or have the air conditioning set  high will not only be warmer in temperature after a power outage, but the dampness will make the interior humid which could result in a moldy/musty smell.   It is advisable to monitor this and turn the AC down a bit to cool the home and circulate the air.

It is always wise whether your home is listed for sale or not it is always wise to assess your home for damages after any storm.


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