The Buyer’s Final Walk Thru

After going through the home purchase process with your home  in Lake Charles and getting a “clear to close”  you will want to do a final walk through to make sure the home is in the same condition as when you made an offer and everything is still in place as per contract.

The Louisiana Buy Sell Agreement provides the Buyer with a final walk through  5 days prior to closing.  This time is used  for you to make a final inspection of the house that you are purchasing and review any negotiated repairs.   In Louisiana the seller should be out of the home on the Act of Sale Date per the contract (unless a seller lease back has been negotiated)  Sometimes a final walk through can be done the day of the closing.

Your Realtor® should schedule this walk through and will help you examine the house.   For example, you do not want to discover that the beautiful chandelier in the dining room has somehow been replaced by a cheap overhead fixture, or that the draperies and window treatments that were specifically referenced in the contract have been packed and moved away.  You do not want to move in to find that numerous items have been left by the sellers because they did not want to move them or take them to the dump, or they just did not want to clean out the refrigerator!

Take your time when you are doing your walk .   Many a buyer has been so busy dreaming of themselves in the new home that they have neglected to take a good look and missed an important item that was contracted to convey upon closing.  Have a copy of your sales contract and inspection form with you so that you can review any items that should be included with the house and check the repairs (if any)

If you see an item that needs to be addressed, let your Realtor® know so that they can get it handled before closing.


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