Lot Sizes and New Construction Homes in Lake Charles LA

When Builders develop a Lake Charles Subdivision they typically want to sub-divide and sell as  many lots as possible. The result of  new the builder subdividing is , the new construction lots to choose from will be narrow.  Many Lake Charles buyers choose to purchase two lots to give them more space and more options for the placement of their home and house plans to choose from.

Homeowners who wish to build want to find a lot at a bargain price.   There are several things to consider when choosing a lot size.  Keep in mind that you may wish you had a larger lot size when you want to make a home addition, so that smaller affordable lot may not be in your best interest down the road.

The Lake Charles fire code regulation that must be followed is to leave five feet from the house to the next property line.  So the space between homes will be a total of ten feet.

Five to ten feet is not a large space to work with when you need access for any major addition to your home.  If you like more space between you and your neighbor,  a new suburban subdivision may not fit your lifestyle or your plans for the future.

Comparison of Lot Sizes  and Home Sales in Lake Charles Subdivisions

The average lot size for Canal Place in Lake Charles is 60 x 130 and lots sold in Canal Place typically sold on average between $40,000- $52,000.  Homes for sale in Canal Place are currently listed from $295,000-$379,500.

Lake Charles Newer homes on Worthington Drive in Windsor Court off of Lake Street in Lake Charles  has an  average lot size of  100 x  100. (*some lots are smaller depending on the location.)  The lots in Windsor Court have sold from $55,000-$80,000. Recent new construction homes have sold for $304,900-$489,500

Another  new subdivision in the southern portion of Lake Charles is  Providence  where new homes  are being built on lot sizes that are on average  57 x 105.  Lots in Providence have sold on average for $45,000  and  with completed new construction homes selling for  $225,900-$319,500.

Subdivisions Comprised of One Street

There are not many new subdivisions to choose from in South Lake Charles due to lack of land  to develop for residential purposes.  The two most recent subdivisions consist of  just one street of development for the subdivisions of Lake Pointe and Four Seasons.

The average lot size for the newest subdivision off of Lake Street on Becky Lane in Lake Pointe is 60 x 140.  The lots in Lake Pointe are selling for $43,000    with new construction homes averaging  a sold price of $228,000.

The lots in the new Four Seasons  subdivision off of Weaver Road in Lake Charles on Longue Vue  are  between 106 x 106 and 115 x 115 and are selling between $67,000- $84,000.  Finished new construction homes in Four Seasons have sold for $357,500-$376,000.

To get a larger lot size in Lake Charles within a subdivision may mean paying a higher price tag.  However  it maybe worth it later especially if you want to add on or put a pool in.   Any addition that requires concrete will need a clear path to the backyard.  (remember there is only going to be a distance of Five feet to work with)  A smaller lot size will  limit the work space and equipment access.   Workers don’t like to have to wheel barrel the concrete if they don’t have to and you pay a higher price for the labor involved!

 For more information on any of these subdivisions, new construction, lots for sale search Lake Charles Real Estate.  and Lake Charles Communities

Figures for lots sold and new construction referenced in this post were obtained from the SWLA Board of Realtors MLS and are subject to change from the date of this post.

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