The Timeline and Process of Installing a Swimming Pool in Lake Charles LA

Once upon a time the beginning of Summer in Southwest Louisiana was bright and sunny and the grass was green!    Summer is the prime time of year  when new construction breaks ground, landscapers and yard crews are busy and home owners plan improvement projects !  I fall into the last category of home improvement.  This is my story and timeline of installing a swimming pool during the summer of 2012.

Our pool contractor said  prime pool digging time is June with the sunny summer, so we planned to begin  our pool on June 19.  Of course it rained on June 19 making the yard soggy but the contractor said he could overcome that with plywood boards….so the next day we began will full speed ahead.    The project began in a week of record breaking HOT temperatures and sunshine.

The pool was dug in one day on June 20

The access path to the backyard involved traveling across the front yard to dump the loads of dirt  from the dig.

On Day 2 the plumbing lines and Re-Bar is laid

The gunite is sprayed in Day 3.  Then we had to wait a week  to give the gunite time to set up.

A week later after the 4th of July the  brick couping was installed and then work halted and the rain began.  While the rest of the country was burning up Southwest Louisiana had record breaking rains every day turning our backyard into a muddy mess.

This is my dog Rosie just looking for a spot of grass but alas…it is all mud

As it continued to rain the pool collected water

After 10 days of rain with record accumulation, we waited for a dry forecast to  finish the waterline tile and proceed with the  next phase of pouring the concrete.   First the  pool  had to be drained of all the rain water accumulated and the decking  had to be formed for the concrete.  The decking was formed on July 24 and the pool was drained on July 24-25.

Due to the weather delays and other jobs before us, we had to wait for concrete.  Our concrete arrived on  Saturday July 28.

Due to the lot size the concrete truck could not gain access to the backyard.  The narrow construction path between houses had become muddy from the rain.  The concrete  would have to be poured  into wheel barrels and delivered to the backyard one load at a time.  Workers laid boards to make a  clean accessible pathway!

Notice the blue sky while the concrete is being  poured and  leveled…..Just after the last section of concrete was poured, dark clouds formed and a summer rainstorm came out of no where!

On July 30-31 With all the rainwater drained out of the pool,  debris removed and pool was ready for the final stage of the pool construction—-the plastering.

The plaster crew arrived on Wednesday August 1.   Plastering is an interesting process to watch, the workers wear special boots with spikes to walk on the bottom of the pool.    A crew of workers hand trowel the plaster finish inside the pool.  There is a total of 3 layers applied smoothly all hand troweled!

The 3rd and final layer of plaster

The plaster dries quickly and within 3 hours your pool is ready to be filled with water!

Our Pool began to fill on August 1  with the garden hose.    Within 48 hours the pool  filled and was ready for the backwashing with the installed pump and chemicals added.  Lake Charles City Water has a high concentration of iron deposits so the sediment created is removed through the pool filtration and backwashing process.  The plumbing lines that were laid in the beginning will be flushed out also in this process. (we had alot of rain and mud during the construction) It takes about 2-3 days of this rinse and repeat  cycle/process before the water will be clear blue and respond to the chemicals added.

READY TO SWIM on Friday August 3 !!

Chemicals were added daily and you can see the water transform from a shade of green to a clear blue within 3 days.

 From start to finish our pool was completed in 45 days (6 weeks) and that includes all the rain delay.   Planet Pools in Lake Charles, LA installed our salt water pool for us.  Paul Glasco and his crews  had to overcome alot of obstacles during the process and he is to be commended for achieving a beautiful result!   My advice to anyone wanting to put a swimming pool in, is to first consider your lot size and what space you have to work with.  Secondly, be patient and allow for weather changes.  We live in Southwest Louisiana where  showers can be a daily occurrence!

In the end a swimming pool will provide hours of enjoyment and a wonderful place for entertaining.  Your dogs will  also get accustomed to the new surrounding!

If you are searching for a home with a pool in Southwest Louisiana I can assist you with your home search!  Contact me to get set up on an automated email search of Lake Charles Homes for Sale with Pools!

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