Avoid 2013 Real Estate Armageddon- Why NOW is a Good Time to Buy/Sell

According to statistics shared by the Wall Street Journal, the economic forecasters expect to see a 2% home price increase in 2012 and a 3% increase in 2013.

It is news like this which causes home sellers to  hold off listing in the hopes of  gaining a larger profit higher home prices.  This is a risky gamble because  timing  the  selling  of your home has to be part of   market equation.  Let me point out timing of the real estate market  where we are NOW in 2012 vs. the FUTURE of 2013.

You probably won’t hear much in the news media about the  mortgage reform changes coming in January 2013  with qualified mortgages as part of the Dodd Frank Act .  Buyers who can obtain approval now may not meet the new criteria in 2013.   This is going to affect both  home sellers and buyers.

I am sharing a video prepared by  Louisiana Mortgage Broker Mike Anderson  who explains the changes that are coming effective January 22,2013

So what if  Lake Charles home prices do go up in 2013 and you  decide to wait until spring 2013  to sell your Lake Charles home and purchase another Lake Charles home?   You may find the pool of buyers shrinking due to the new mortgage guidelines, and you may likely pay more for your new homes if home values and  prices do go up in 2013.

I don’t have the crystal ball of the future but I can share facts of  what the real estate market is doing right now in Southwest Louisiana.     Compared to the last few years, 2012  is a great time to  buy and sell.  Buyers can take advantage of historically low interest rates now.  Next year when we make the same comparison, who knows?

If you have been on the fence about listing your Lake Charles home or buying a Lake Charles home.  Get a jump NOW and  take advantage of the Buyers  and Inventory of  Lake Charles Homes in 2012!    Contact me today to list your Lake Charles home or search for a new Lake Charles Home.


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