Importance of Flood Insurance in Louisiana

Yesterday if you remained dry you were lucky!  It was hard to escape the downpours and  most of us wanted to build an Ark because it felt like we would be washed away!     Earlier in the day I had already “backwashed” our swimming pool 3 times throughout the day because the water had gone to the top!!

Throughout the night Calcasieu Parish continued to get bursts of heavy downpours.  The after effects of the rainstorms caused flash flooding, road closures and stalled vehicles.  This morning it is clear but along with the break in the weather come the news stories of  flooded roads and bodies of water.    I have already received a text message from a new homeowner who closed on a home a few weeks ago that said “I guess we should have asked them to replace the roof”…..

When searching for a Lake Charles home, it is important to pay attention to the flood zones and  the condition of the roof in general.    With the heavy rainstorms that do occur the property cannot always absorb the water when accumulated in a short amount of time. Flash flooding can occur and  Drainage ditches at the street can fill up quickly along with bodies of water that may surround the area.

photo via KPLC

Last night’s severe rainstorms brings up an important issue concerning National Food Insurance.  There is currently a petition to have Senators address the NFIP in the 1st Session of Congress.


Flood insurance is a fact of life here in Southwest Louisiana.  This petition  is to keep flood insurance AFFORDABLE not only in Louisiana, but nationally. Otherwise, flood insurance premiums regardless of flood zone will see a 100% increase over the next 4 years.

Flood zones overlap and run throughout Southwest Louisiana and the Lake Charles area.  Most Lake Charles residents have flood insurance even if they do not live in a flood zone just because our elevations are low.  Flood insurance is an important fact of life living in Southwest Louisiana even if you are not in a flood zone!

The forecast today predicts 40% chance of more rain.  I have already had to backwash the pool again this morning which filled overnight with the accumulation of rainwater!


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